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Verb. Short for "Doin/Did-it-to-'em". Can refer to a wide range of actions. Usually used in type over conversation.
- Did you eat all the ice cream cake last night?
- Sorry I had to Dite

I'm planning on Dite with that girl tonight
by ETOBZZ January 29, 2011
An acronym which stands for D!@& (Penis) in the eye syndrome. The activity is known to cause pink eye or some weird eye fungus. The syndrome is highly embarrassing and can cause someone afflicted to don an eye-patch.
Sharon was unaware of the threat of DITES, until her black eye developed the morning after her trist with Chadley.
by scraggly bizzalls January 01, 2007
Another term for mermaid slutty sex
Last night some type of dite went on underwater
with mermaids.
by mermaidslut September 27, 2009
A colloquial term used by Cape Town locals to refer to the act of eating. The latter can also refer to one's meal. That is "dite" can be both a verb and a noun.

Hey dude, let's dite I'm hungry as fuck.

A: So how was dinner?

B: It was all right hey, the dite was pretty good.
by Fizzer September 02, 2008
Obtained from the phrase "yeah right". (Shorthand)
Bob: Didn't you think that psychology was difficult?
Gary: Dite, it was easy to me.
by Rick Walters November 05, 2006
The time between day and night when naughty things happen.
It's so DITE out
What happens at DITE stays at dite
by Shane / Devin February 07, 2007
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