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1.) A mechanical device used on older gasoline engines to control ignition timing. The rotation of the engine, usually from a gear on the camshaft, spins a rotor. On the distributor's cap are points; as the rotor spins, it makes electrical contact with the points in sequence (the firing order). This sends power from the ignition coil to the spark plug, firing the air/fuel charge inside the cylinder on the power stroke.

2.) A person or group that distributes something. The connotation is usually something illegal such as marijuana; however, several legit grocery chains utilize massive networks of distributors. A distributor may or may not actually sell the product, their job is mainly to transport the goods to the point of sale.
Dom's already got an MSD coil, low-resistance wires, and plugs in it; today, he puts in a new distributor.

I wanna get high, but the distributor got caught.
by Thunderchin October 29, 2014
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