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1. Persons having a positive affiliation with the Discovery Institute, a creationist and religious-conservative policy think-tank based out of Seattle, WA.
2. Supporters of the Discovery Institute, especially proponents of the "intelligent design" version of creationism.
3a. Shorthand for all proponents of "intelligent design" or creationism, including those not explicitly affiliated with the Discovery Institute.
3b. Any individual who claims that intelligent design is not creationism despite mountains of evidence conclusively demonstrating that ID is literally a creationism with a name change.
4. Those supporting the Discovery Institute's goal of subverting the very definition of science to include the supernatural, including Astrology, and/or those who perceive empirical science to be an inherently "toxic leftist-atheist ideology".
6. A chronic, painful and often itchy condition of the anus caused by a virus called "cdesign proponentsists" which, though effectively targeted by scientific means, is capable of evasive evolutionary measures by feeding on religious faith and disinformation.
7. Pseudoscientists who conduct no actual science, publish no studies, make no positive arguments, exhibit no critical thinking skills, and have no qualms with deliberately lying to the public for a cause they know to be scientifically untenable and ridiculous.
"The politician inspired groans when she suggested schools should 'teach the controversy,' the new tactic devised by the Discoverrhoids for opposing evolution following the defeat of 'intelligent design' in the courts."

"Considering who had nominated Judge Jones III for his position on the bench, it would not be unfair to say the Discoverrhoids left behind a slick trail of santorum as they returned to the Discoverrhoid closet in Seattle."

"Who knew when watching 'Win Ben Stein's Money' that the guy was actually a bloated Discoverrhoid?"
by Tesla Bumper Car December 10, 2009
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