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Origin: someone at an institution of higher education misspoke and used this word instead of the appropriate "misconception", afterward there was a quarrel over what the word meant, where through debate the word was finalized and agreement was reached.

A misconception, A mistaken thought, idea, or notion; that one would never think of but had it been suggested, one would realize that it is a misconception.
Person A: is disconception a word?
Person B: NO. That's a common Disconception.

Person A: putting vodka into a water bottle turns it into water.
Person B: no it doesn't, what a disconception!

n00b: How do I make my laptop lighter, its too heavy?
techie: Delete the biggest files, every megabyte weighs .235 mg
n00b: Really!
techie: No. I'm kidding its a common disconception.
#misconception #dissconception #conception #misunderestimate #missunderstanding #understanding #misspoken #nonwords #antiwords #deconception #disconcieve
by Lichtenshtieg January 20, 2010
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