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A poop that disappears into the hole of the toilet after occurring but prior to flushing. The person who poops is unable to visually confirm that a poop actually occurred as there is no evidence left behind. A disappearing poop.
I just took a dump but it was a Disapoo. I am so bummed that after all of that effort on the toilet that I had a Disapoo.
by Cody1998a February 12, 2011
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When you have to go the bathroom, but you hold your poop in due to circumstances. After, mysteriously you don't have to poop anymore...
Ben: "I had to poop so bad during the meeting, but since I held it in, I can't poop now. Where'd it go?!"
David: "It must have disapooed."
by BPSeattle May 07, 2017
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