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A dirty wizard is the act of a male having anal sex with a female while she is shitting (as seen on macory.com). He then pulls his dick out and slaps her in the face japap with his dick while yelling "flippendo!" "expelliarmus!" or any other incantation mentioned in the Harry Potter series.

...Haha, now you have shit on your face after that dirty wizard
by Mr. Scrotes April 23, 2010
a person mostly male with long greasy unwashed hair mostly wear items of clothing like band t-shirts and gamer t-shirts
look at the dirty wizard standing in gamestation
by dirty wizard lover July 06, 2010
When one waves their dick around while saying "abracadabra" and then cums on the girl's face.
She won't talk to me since I gave her a dirty wizard.
by danzilla69 November 28, 2009
A dirty wizard is when a male is having anal sex with a male or female, pulls his dick out, and right after he cums, disappears.
He told me would love me long time if I let him pound my ass, but he pulled a dirty wizard and I haven't heard from him since.
by Dinosaurasauraus January 26, 2011
a deprived, mature looking individual, toe nail teath and a hair disorder.
a dirty wizard is a ugly old man/women/ both, with a greasey beard. a hairy midget. charlotte baker.
by bigbelaidi September 15, 2009
A cocktail only drunk at after parties and originally named after a particularly douchey and dull Harry Potter lookalike. The cocktail is made from three ingredients: Jack Daniels, Robinsons Summer Fruit Cordial and tonic water. It is disgusting.
"What did you throw that Dirty Wizard away for, you rotten bitch?" "I'LL FUCKING MAKE YOU ONE IN A MINUTE!"
by GaJa Williams June 24, 2012
To flirt with a girl around a group of people, mainly friends or acquaintances, without them knowing. One who sneakily makes the magic happen
You dirty wizard! Getting with her the minute we looked away. You kissed her didn't you?
by SoHo Money October 05, 2010