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After buttfucking a girl, you blow your load on her back, punch her in the head to knock her out, and steal her clothes after dragging her outside.
Man, right after jizzed i Dirty Pabloed that bitch and took pictures.
by Kip and Caolan January 13, 2005
58 27
when a man put his jeans on backwards in the morning, anally rapes himself with a banana until it is brused, then, gives it to his girlfriend to eat.
"Aww man, Gage gave me another dirty pablo for lunch"
by tableinthenewworld January 03, 2012
2 4
To pull your Johnson out of a girls (or guys) ass and promptly shove it in her mouth.
While I was jackhammering her ass I decided to give her a dirty Pablo, I so pulled pole out and shoved it in her mouth! She loved it!
by Joe Blow February 11, 2005
16 26