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After buttfucking a girl, you blow your load on her back, punch her in the head to knock her out, and steal her clothes after dragging her outside.
Man, right after jizzed i Dirty Pabloed that bitch and took pictures.
by Kip and Caolan January 13, 2005
when a man put his jeans on backwards in the morning, anally rapes himself with a banana until it is brused, then, gives it to his girlfriend to eat.
"Aww man, Gage gave me another dirty pablo for lunch"
by tableinthenewworld January 03, 2012
To pull your Johnson out of a girls (or guys) ass and promptly shove it in her mouth.
While I was jackhammering her ass I decided to give her a dirty Pablo, I so pulled pole out and shoved it in her mouth! She loved it!
by Joe Blow February 11, 2005

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