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a hooker who has stds
In the ghetto you never no whos a dirty hooker and who isnt
by !!@##$$%%^&* January 03, 2006
Origin in the Pittsburgh Area.
Definition: one who is not only a hooker, but is dirty.

Can be abbrieviated to Dirty Hook.
Gary is a Dirty Hooker.
Timmah is also a Dirty Hooker
by J December 16, 2004
A girl that tries to ruin someone elses relationship for their own sick enjoyment.
Chelsea is a Dirty Hooker.
by HookerHater May 24, 2010
The ONE and ONLY PARTY GIRL on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Monarch of the Sea. This rockstar will love all and drink from a food saver bag. Beware of shots being poured into your will get drunk.
Dirty Hooker will get you rocked.

Everybody wants to party with a Dirty Hooker.
by Melgal1978 October 14, 2008
Putting a golf club, or foot, or any long object the goes up at the end like a golf club. The object is put between the legs of someone, brought up to where the legs meet, and pulled.
Dude, you just got dirty hookered with that golf club!
by The Fish 97 July 01, 2011
one shot of tequila immediately chased down with a shot of pickle juice.
at the party last night I took 3 dirty hookers
by greengirl416 April 10, 2010

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