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Dirt Nasty is a rapper from the group the Dyslexic Speedreaders. His real name is Simon Rex. Rex is a former MTV VJ and has landed various acting roles, most notably Scary Movie 3, where he played the white rapper. MTV let him go as a VJ after gay pornographic films with him in them surfaced on the internet. Today he is a succesful rapper/producer. Some of his more famous songs include "1980" and "My Dick," a song he sings with his Dyslexic Speedreader compadres Mickey Avalon and Andre Legacy.
"Yo dude did you see Dirt Nasty at the Roxy last night?"

"Man I wish I got as many girls as Dirt Nasty"
by D-Nasty Fan October 26, 2008
132 26
A very nasty, skanky person. You know they're a dirt nasty by just looking at them. An example would be the skanks at your school. They dress, act, and are gross.
Hey, look at that dirt nasty over there." *Sees a skanky person that appears to act and look gross* "Ewwwwwwww! D NASTY!!!
by dnastexpert800 June 01, 2011
2 12
1. To be dirty and nasty - perverted, can be male or female.
Bitch slap that fucker, he's dirt nasty!
by Onedizzle September 13, 2006
30 45
A hockey term...associated with the play of another or of your self
"That dangle was dirt nasty bro"
by Puckslut1234 July 21, 2009
14 36