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Another term for a hot Bengali/South Asian girl.
She's hot, she looks like Dipa
by argh101 June 25, 2009
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Drinking Induced Panic Attack, a common occurance the next day after endless hours of partying and drinking energy drink based alcoholic beverages i.e. vodka Red Bull, causing the feelings of a combination hangover/panic attack often with side effects usch as heart palpitations or twitchy characteristics. Sometimes falsely identified as "feeling weird."
Matt: I'm so hungover. And I feel mad weird.
Emmelie: Maybe it was the 2 dozen Red Bulls and gallon of vodka we consumed while party rocking last night.....
by naterizzle June 27, 2011
Dick in pussy action
Man she is hot I would not mind a little dipa with her.
by joker222fu September 17, 2010
A self-centered Bitch
God, that girl is such a Dipa
by anonm12343452345 December 12, 2008

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