the sound one makes when inserting ones nuts into anothers mouth; see The Teabag.
"Oh man, you got hosed! Dip Dip!"
by Black Belt Jones September 15, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for an Indian or Pakistani person and/or the phonetics of their language when they speak.
Indian Guy 1 to Indian Guy 2: "Dipdipdip dip dippity dip dip."

American Guy 1: I wonder what those dip-dips are dippin' about.
American Guy 2: No idea but there certainly is a lot of dippin' going on.
by Nifkin September 15, 2012
ketchup; particularly the kind found in a fridodo (also see "fridodo")
Tina!... Come get some dip dip!!
by Lindsey November 30, 2004
The word dip dip is used to describe some one when they do/ say something dumb.
"Don't gallop into the horizon that beckons your name dip dip! "
by Shannon♥ August 18, 2006
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