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Word used as slang for spitting in homage to footballer (soccer player) El Hadj Diouf
if its raining lightly one would remark to their accquaintance "its Dioufing" or if one wanted to be aggresive and indictae regurgitating saliva in an adversarys face they would declare "imma diouf in your face
by Eborted March 04, 2005
An utter prick. Named after the universally hated Senegalese footballer who currently plays for Scottish Premier League club Rangers.
A tool.

Pronounced <joof>
Sandies new boyfriend is a peice of work eh?

I know... whit a Diouf.
by BigMurd March 21, 2011
To spit,after Bolton Wanderers football player El-Hadj Diouf
"Ive just dioufed on the floor becoz ive bummed my cigarete"

"i will diouf in your face, prick"
by Dude March 04, 2005