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An utter prick. Named after the universally hated Senegalese footballer who currently plays for Scottish Premier League club Rangers.
A tool.

Pronounced <joof>
Sandies new boyfriend is a peice of work eh?

I know... whit a Diouf.
by BigMurd March 21, 2011

Fife slang term for the nectar of the gods Barrs Irn-Bru - the official non alcoholic beverage of all Scots. It's powers are legendary all over the great nation of Scotland as a hangover cure, aphrodisiac and drink that make it possible to bend lamp posts.

AKA Bru Lung
Man, I'm well fuckin rough... gie us a go on that bru sook.
by Bigmurd April 08, 2011
Scottish (Fife):

A man who has forsaken his friends for a woman - one who would rather stay in and watch soap operas with his old lady than get up to some high jinks with his mates.

One can even be labeled a bloose for simply courting a young lady - and marriage makes you a bonafide permanent bloose.
See that Hendo got married eh?
Ah ken, whit a fuckin' bloose!


Are you gonna make it the night Rodge?
Fuckin' right; ah'm nae bloose!
by Bigmurd April 08, 2011

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