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A date involving oral sex followed by intercourse.
Girl to friend: "So, how was your date? What did you do?"

Friend: "It was great. Dinner and a movie."

Girl: "Wow, on the first date?!"
by north021884 March 10, 2011
While on a date with a female, said female makes it painfully apparent during dinner that she has no sexual interest in her date. Instead of going to the movies, the male cuts the date short and returns the female to her residence.

At this point the male asks to use the restroom at the girls home. The disgruntled male proceeds to shit in the toilet and to prevent the flushing of the excrement, masturbates and cums on the flushing handle.

The male leaves with a polite un-washed hand shake, feeling lighter and gratified.
"How did the date go"

"Awful, but stuck her with Dinner and a Movie, so everything worked out"
by Spyder Jerusalem April 03, 2010
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