A mysterious force that can only be truly defined upon finding it.
"Have ya found ya ding ding yet?"
"Nah, man. I'm still searching."
by TDDA August 29, 2013
Means female sexual organ, vag, vagina, cunt, pussy.
That monster L. was naked in my bed, and my ding-ding was in incredible pain.
by bl!nd86 January 30, 2015
An inconspicuous expression of pleasure or approval. Most effective when used when referring to hot Asian women.
"Look at the ass on her..."
"Ding Ding!"

"Do you think Kaori is hot?"

by Mosi June 24, 2003
The smallest of all penises. They rang from: ding ding, ding, ding dong, dong, and dong dong. The ding ding, is usually only between .01"-3.0" and can be either very girthy, or very slender. The ding ding although not pleasurable is sometimes encountered in intercourse.
"Dude, I just saw your ding ding."

"Ted's only got a ding ding, compared to Jack."
by Hey Buddy Jay October 16, 2006
Clueless Asians in Barstow that are paralyzed with fear from being asked where to get a double-double while Ja-rule and Nelly laugh at him.
Look at those totally confused ding dings over there. Man, they are stupid.
by Harry Jack-O December 03, 2008
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