a funny but very open lady who lives in north london
Dina u are pulling ur 32 boy of the day
by Pip September 22, 2003
singer: Dina Rae! www.dina-rae.com (not her official site but this one is a good one).
u think ur bulletproof, gonna take a shot at u, i got u in my aim, finger on the trigger too, wanna play me out like that, but i'll put u on blast, u should tell the truth cuz imma bout to smoke u.-bulletproof(dina rae)
by Miss Franki February 05, 2005
more than the max of creepiness, stalkerness, wierdness and psycho combined. the point where you should be in an insane asylum
person 1: like omg she is so wierd she told she was gonna leave me a rose on my door step on my birthday. wth man!

person 2: yo thats just wierd, no thats fucking dina. damn psycho
by Brito337 August 21, 2010
Rude is the definition of Dina
by likeittis April 03, 2011
A crazy old tree hugging hippie who constantly spurts out the onomotopia "BAH!"
Dina climbed a tree to look for tofu..
by Pancakes March 23, 2003
cheap type of dinner ( dinnah ) can be bought for 2$ includes full set meal whih not only u will eat but it will eat u and recycles the leftovers
often found around streets of Springvale saying 2 dorrah
ja sam mala dina pica mi je fina
by kurac palac March 19, 2003
nassers bitch(sister)
nasser:i love my sister dina, shes my toy
by max November 13, 2003

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