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Unbelievable, but oddly adorable, social behavior. Intentionally nerdy.
Pam was trying to be dimpy when she came into the room with mustard "exfoliant" on her face.
by Xian88 November 13, 2011
Cute, in a nerdy or childish way.
Oh, your five-year-old with a pocket protecter is so dimpy!
by DaniB May 02, 2007
someone named Allie. could also be a Pam. someone who is a major dork and looks like one
"Did you see Allie today? She was wearing a hat and looked so dimpy"

"Pam is extra dimpy today. She is sitting at the table playing nintendo ds in her footie pajamas"
by xcountrygirl November 07, 2011
A scar on the penis, due to an incident with a zipper.
"I decided not to wear underwear with my jeans, and I got a wicked dimpy."
by Courtney Hume April 02, 2007
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