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Noun. A male version of a female bimbo.
That dude just used antifreeze on his hands because he thought it will keep them from freezing.
What a dimbo!
by Bombaclat September 06, 2010
A person and/or thing that thinks thinks and acts as if they are smart but really are not smart
jamie said he was smart but really was a dimbo
by salty rikerdson III June 07, 2014
A combination of 'dim' and 'dumbo.'

Background Info:

Invented by a person whose name starts with K and ends with I who thought it's better to make up a rude word than use one that may/ may not count as swearing...
God K, you're sooooo slow? Haven't you got it yet? Dimbo!
by hipeoplewhatsup May 11, 2011
A cute and silly girl who often says dumb things unintentionally but you can't help loving her
Jackie is such a dimbo, but I'll love her forever
by Nellson September 21, 2016
1) An unintelligent person; dumb, stupid

2) Not smart, to the point of stupidity
Paris Hilton is a dimbo for thinking she has talent.
by Simplify November 13, 2006
Think Bimbo/Himbo, only slower.
Brad called over to my place and got the neighbhours involved in trying to wake me up! What a Dimbo!
by FlossyFlossy June 17, 2009
a dim-witted bimbo. usually a blonde, occasionally just one that acts like a blonde.
geez lana, ur such a dimbo!
by Z14U April 04, 2008
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