The baddest most gangsta motherfucker around. 1/3 of the trifecta.
Damn i wish i was that mo' fucka Dilly
by dilly mang December 28, 2007
In addition to the other definitions, dilly can be an adjective refering to anything good. Its original usage was in reference to marijuana such as "yo dude do you have any dilly chronic?" but now has evolved to the point that "dillies" are a noun referring to any type of high-grade marijuana. Also now anything can be called "dilly" for example "that ice-cream was dilly"
"Yo dude do you have any dilly weed?"
"Yo dude do you have any dillies?"
"Damn man, that ice-cream was dilly."
by iPimp May 04, 2005
A "hokey" term.

What you would say when you are in a bad situation, but is not contrived as a swear word so you can't get in trouble for it.
"Aw, dilly," said Pete as his parents found him on a porn site.

"This is one dilly of a pickle."
by Mehro March 25, 2005
amusingly silly, affectionate insult
you dilly hobbit! ya dilly bitch!
by db March 09, 2005
dumb and silly put together.
"That girl's a dilly bitch right there."
by Mugsy November 04, 2004
a vagina
" i'm gonna bang that dilly"
by FullMoonZombie June 14, 2009
Commonly someone of teenage age whom may class his Spiderman pants as "sick man" or his new tie as "shit hot dude" or address his internet gaming "homies" (aka a "B") by "wassup mofo's?".
Also wear over sized caps with monkeys, banana's etc on and wear belts which often boast comic phrases such as "kapow".
Commonly found in the South East of the UK... A DILLY (Aka: an IDIOT)
"OMG, I can't believe that DILLY is actually wearing those Spiderman pants and showing them off on our first date"

"Does that DILLY not realise it's rude to wear hats inside... especially that thing"

"...You're such a DILLY..."
by SweetPea9293 November 25, 2008

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