dumb and silly put together.
"That girl's a dilly bitch right there."
by Mugsy November 04, 2004
Australian word for dildo
Awww yeah mate, look at Sheila taking that 12 inch dilly up her arse.
by Uhh, Jerry July 23, 2009
dumb and silly.
oh shit, you're about to get dilly!
by thatsdope March 04, 2009
another word for "down-low"
"Hey man, keep that on the dilly. I don't want everyone finding out about that..."
by Burt-knee December 10, 2008
An adverb intensifier or interchangeable aspect of an adverbial phrase. A sophomoric foreshortening, & derivative of the word 'Delicious'.Insanely fussy or tedious time killing maneuvers. Of or related to erratic cock or 'Dill-Pickle' play.
"That scoop of tasty-freeze I munched off Repuda the Beauta's majik carpet was double scrump-dilly-ishious!"
"Stop with the dilly-dallying and finish the goddamned job!" "I was willy-dilly balls deep in it hom's!"
by sashaman ryddim November 20, 2008
A handjob given or received from a black woman.
Michael received a dilly last saturday.
by Gavin Rodriguez July 10, 2008
A "hokey" term.

What you would say when you are in a bad situation, but is not contrived as a swear word so you can't get in trouble for it.
"Aw, dilly," said Pete as his parents found him on a porn site.

"This is one dilly of a pickle."
by Mehro March 25, 2005

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