Used in West London and derives from "Charlie"-->"Chang"--> "Chang Dilly Wang"--> "Dilly"

Mate, be a bit more inconspicuous, you've got dilly all around your nostril!

by Iber February 04, 2008
"most excellent of its kind"

outstanding, the best, or equal best

"Dilly Tele" means the London Newspaper Daily Telegraph when acting as its best, objective and generally conservative, with a broad range of views.

Almost anything, however can be dilly:

a pet dog, a day at the races, a girlfriend.
by Mousico February 24, 2009
(deal-ee) "whats up" in ghetto terms....

"Whats da dilly-yo?"
by Maria February 06, 2002
To be high on marijuana
Kid 1 - Whats good, What you doin?
Kid 2 - Bout to go get DILLY MA NIGGA
by BuB~Oner August 13, 2008
Australian word for dildo
Awww yeah mate, look at Sheila taking that 12 inch dilly up her arse.
by Uhh, Jerry July 23, 2009
dumb and silly.
oh shit, you're about to get dilly!
by thatsdope March 04, 2009
another word for "down-low"
"Hey man, keep that on the dilly. I don't want everyone finding out about that..."
by Burt-knee December 10, 2008

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