Penis, DICK
My mom walked in when I was playing with my Dilly Wacker!
by Dingaling11 January 10, 2012
A long stick people used to use to smack someones weiner if they did something bad.
redneck mom:Clevis!!!!!!!!! did you knock up the next door neighbors daughter.

Clevis:no ma i aint ever done did dat.

redneck mom:i dont beleieve ya,dont make me get out the dillywacker.
Clevis:NO MA!!!

(redneck mom slaps sons weiner with dillywacker)

Clevis:oooooohhh ma it burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chickenpotpie45 October 15, 2011
also known as the wack, dilly wacker 3000, wackatron, wackzilla, wacktimus prime, bongzilla, darbzilla, wackism.

Is the main producer of a commodity that bitches love called wackjism.

Well known bed time story told to young bitches in hope they will abstain from sex. Instilling fear that their vaginal cavities will be torn apart by the wack stick and filled with glorious yet acidic wackjism.
That bitch got slayed by dilly wacker, i heard he fixed her acne with his wackjism 'cough' slut
by mjizzle April 29, 2012

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