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DilloChilloMillo is an inimitable unique hot species. As you can guess he chills a lot... and does a lot of "bodyforming". He is one of the few who has this incredible "all-purpose-saliva".

If you once get the chance to see him please satisfy him with tearing his leg hair or just tickle him!! He adores it!!
And when you start to sing "Semame" it's like paradise on earth for him! So don't hesitate and put a smile on his face ;)
- "DilloChilloMillo!! Ieeieieiieei!! Muuuschimuschiimuuschii!!

- "Gosh! DilloChilloMillo is the hottest!!"

- "Enge poringe, DilloChilloMillo?? Where are you going??"
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