Top Definition
Dildopolis is an adult store featured in episode 213 of Community on NBC.

Dildopolis is also an online adult store.
What are you doing in an apartment above Dildopolis? And when did they open a second location?
by ALex_Rase January 03, 2012
An online sex toy store.
Dildopolis; a city of adult fun!
by Mayor Jenny March 05, 2012
A place of great beauty in which the powerful Dildonites and Dildonese call home. A powerful race of dildos which range from fist like ones and big veiny black ones. Dildopolis is the rival of Dildonia and are locked in a blood feud with there chief Dildo.
'doing much this weekend buddy?'

'Just going back to the motherland of Dildopolis bro wbu?'

'boy do I wish I was from Dildopolis.'
by Dazzthestoner October 13, 2011
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