1. To masturbate (literally and figuratively)
2. To waste time doing a pointless activity
1. When Milo's parents left the house he decided to venture to the bathroom and dild for 10 minutes.

2. Why dild a perfect day away watching television?
by trillkrout August 04, 2009
Top Definition
A phalic instrument used for self-stimulation.
Ross, you're such a fuckin chocolate covered dild! Go back home and do the Jack off! God damn, what a fuckin ass ramming cock fag...
by Dangis Kahn January 13, 2004
1. A word often used in a phrase to express despair at a dire situation.

2. Also can be used as a way of insulting someone, or inferring you don't care about their whingeing.

3. Can be used as a random comment.
"Oh man, that sucks the dild."

"Go suck a dild."

by catastridphe July 17, 2006
A dude whos head is in the shape of a dildo. Usualy this person is uncordinated and runs into walls horizontaly, has very, very white skin and hates negros
Shot dilds you chump, how the fuck did you manage to get that bruse
by Dilds July 22, 2006
The lazy way to say "Dildo".
Yo, shut the f*ck up, or ima smack you with your sisters dild
by James January 02, 2004
The quick way to say "Dildo". This is mainly because it's quicker and easier to say while still retaining the full effect of the word dildo.

This can be used for insulting or general use.
"Dild isn't even a real word!"

"Yes it is Greg, don't be such a stupid dild."
by GhostNinja2073 February 24, 2009
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