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A type of girl who seems like the girl next door type ( blue eyes and blonde hair and seem innocent) but is a party animal with HUGE tits.
That girl i met at the party last night was a total dilara.
by mactatic January 19, 2010
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A word for a girl, most likely turkish, that has HUGE boobs that both men and some women want to motorboat. They tend to be stereotyped to be either dumb or a slut, because of their boobs. A dilara might have huge boobs but don't expect one to be dumb because generally they are very smart and are really in tune to what others are thinking, also getting with a dilara might be one of the hardest challenges in ones life. Dilara's are generally the one most people go to to solve disputes between friends/family because they tend to see both sides of the scenario, helping to solve the problem. Dilara's are those rare friends that will always be there for a friends at any time or hour whether they are sober or drunk.
sara: I cant believe Josh and Evan are still not talking

Dilek: I know they need to find a dilara and fast
by mcloving1988 November 09, 2010
A girl with brown hair and brown eyes.she may look dumb but shes actually really pretty.Has big boobs and all boys want her.She tends to be very sensitive and cries for everything and usually falls for bastards.Very old schooled and hard to get so no way you can get into her pants easily.If the guy she likes doesnt like her back she can easily move on.shes an amazing girl and a great kisser knows what to do to keep her man happy in bed and life.
-Man i need a perfect girlfriend
+No dude you need a Dilara
by theonewhosewatchingyou October 30, 2011
References girls with big boobs
damnnnnn kyle did you see that dilara walk by
by Jasper35 October 25, 2010
Turkish Name Off a girl who likes To Fuck, And has big Boobs.
And lives Always in a City That Has a "A" in it.
Dilara is Agressive somethimes and Not so Smart.
But Verry Sexy And Hot.
boy : What's Your name?
Dilara: Dilara
boy : I Want My Penis in You !
by CanCemo November 05, 2010

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