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1. Similar to that of a "Shit-ton" or "Dick-ton" the Dikabyte is very large number of bytes.
2. 1000 Terabyte
3. An ancient clan dating back to the age of the vikings, feared for their rage and lack of mercy shown to villages it raided
Me: "Jesus Coleman, that's a ton of porn you've got on your computer!!"
Coleman: "No joke man, I can't get enough of it"
Me: "I can see that, it really is a shit-ton of porn dude"
Coleman: "As of last week I went over 1000 terabytes of downloaded porn..."
Me: "Wait!! You don't mean..."
Coleman: "That's right, I have over a dikabyte of porn on several different hard drives"
by Tarheels364 March 17, 2014
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