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"Diggling", the process of 'tagging' a person with a adhesive label or other creative material adorned with the word's "I've been Diggled"
'Do you want to go Diggling?'

'Gosh Darn, i've been Diggled!!'

'I am just waiting for someone to Diggle me!'
#diggle #diggled #diggling #prank #joke
by welsh dogg millionaire February 17, 2010
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The act of shaking one's penis after he is done taking a piss.
Hold on, I'm diggling!
#digle #digling #digel #shake #wiggle
by Tandyman April 09, 2011
When someone is high on meth and are tweeking out on somethig
I don't tweak I diggle

They just can't stop diggling
by Blasting210 May 02, 2016
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