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A TV show on the A&E network about auctions at storage facilities.
It features the same bidders every week attempting to interject drama into each others lives.
Thery find some interestings things in the storage lockers that they take to experts to learn the history and value.
There are only 2 characters on this show worth watching Barry Weiss and Brandi Passante. Barry is very funny and Brandi is totally hot!
Brandi runs a second hand store called Now & Then with her husband Jarrod Schulz who is a total retard douchebag.
Barry drives a different car every week and usually buys the cheap lockers nobody wants.
I like to watch storage wars to see the unusual items they find in storage lockers.
by jsd96321 February 05, 2012
a) a meaningless verbal conflict between two individuals over a locker/storage space belonging to neither of them.

b) when you are dumped out and you are in a race to find a storage facility for your belongings

c) (parodying a reality TV show of the same name): a verbally aggressive auction bid for the contents of a storage locker belonging to a person who can longer rent the locker.
If you are in a storage-wars definition a) you are doing something stupid; first figure out who the space belongs to. if definition b) applies to you, what is to Louis XIV if you are dumped out; finding storage for your belongings is now your problem.
by sexydimma March 06, 2015
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