A tickle deep inside of you.
When he was with me he really made me diggle.
by sleep good May 14, 2009
The term used to describe the act of being high off life. Achieved by enjoying your surroundings and others around you without being under the influence.
Megan you want to come get high with me?

Nah its all good, Allie, I'm already diggle!
by Meglie July 23, 2009
To poke or jab somebody else in the derrière. Usually for comic effect. Typically performed with the middle and index fingers together. It's kinda gay.
Watch yourself going up the stairs or Jake might just diggle you!
by Ichabod Ezekiel January 30, 2009
Having sex with said person you are "diggling".
"Are you diggling charles?" "Yes, almost every night."
"Diggle is not something jed participates in very often."
by slimjimm August 13, 2007
a male bodypart being put in a womans butt hole; Anal sex
Damn my girlwanted to get all freaky so i hit it from tha back side and diggled it.
by Pookie Sage February 10, 2003
In poker, the person who takes the pot, usually without a showdown.
Take it down, diggle. ($2887.40)
by roundah! December 20, 2005
a quality of a pimp or well endowed straight male
dev will u come over here stud, said the hot female pornstar, i want to know why they call u devdiggler
by devdiggler December 09, 2003

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