a quality of a pimp or well endowed straight male
dev will u come over here stud, said the hot female pornstar, i want to know why they call u devdiggler
by devdiggler December 09, 2003
A group of dorks together.
"hey, Check out that diggle of geeks over at the comic shop."
by Deagan The Wolf October 22, 2003
a male bodypart being put in a womans butt hole; Anal sex
Damn my girlwanted to get all freaky so i hit it from tha back side and diggled it.
by Pookie Sage February 10, 2003
verb. to stimulate a woman's g-spot with the finger or fingers.
I diggled her on the couch in the library until she squirted over the biographies.
by Anslap March 23, 2008
Can be used as diggle, diggling, diggler
1.A black homo-whore...
2.A deformed dick
1. Tom: shut up the fuck up u little diggle!
"little diggle": Make me!
2. "oh look at him...that diggle he
3. "stop diggling in front of my face u little slut!"
by factoryOFinsults July 30, 2003
A Diggle, Digg, Dagg, or Diggy is a word that was made up by me, which spread throughout the country. People now use this word to fill in for dude, man, etc. This is a slang word used by people with their friends. This is also used to replace curse words.
If you don't use or know digg, start to. Its really addicting and fun!
"Hey! Whats up digg?!" "What the digg!" "Hey diggle, whats going on?" "Are you diggin' serious?" "Diggy? Where are you?"
by AKrock October 21, 2007

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