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n: poop or feces. To take a poop.
Timmy felt 5 pounds lighter after squeezing that dietzel.
by Trees, DT November 29, 2009
a smooth pimp who looooooves the pussy. you'll find him with girls and usually kissing them. and a dietzel usually is the funniest person ever. you should get at him
1: did you see that dietzel! he was soooo dreamy

2: that dietzel has a huge dick! and he can kiss.. hmmm
by hangoverman July 29, 2009
A pretzel made out of natural ketchup and filled with cheese. Quite delicious.
Yesterday at the football game, the concession stand was selling dietzels!! I almost peed.
by deetzlover November 09, 2011
A sex position involving anal beads and laxatives. Screaming in French, is not only allowed but encouraged. The act of doing this is called "Deetzing."
Man, I met the craziest girl last night! We went to her room and she wanted me to do the Dietzel. I spent the entire night Deetzsing all over her.
by Dietzel Lover December 15, 2008
A large cheesy-ketchup filled pretzel.
"man today I ate the best Dietzel... Mmmm so cheesy!"
by kirsten dietzal November 09, 2011