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1) The greatest beverage known to mankind; possibly the greatest invention ever. Rivals sliced-bread and fire; no lie. Goes well with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.

2) Ridiculously better than the original 'Dr Pepper', and every other softdrink put together.

3) Can be used as payment for any services rendered, assuming the correct quantity is involved.

4) Also known as DDP.
My God in heaven; Diet Dr. Pepper is amazing. If only they had it in every country in the world, all of humanity would hold hands and sing Kumbai-a.

Man, I want a Captain-DDP right now; tastes great and gets you drunk at the same time!

Yo Maria, thanks for mailing that form for me; I owe you some serious DDP for that one.
by Dan Weissman and Maria too February 15, 2006
n. Tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper
I bought Diet Dr. Pepper because it was on sale.
by Mike December 15, 2004
A soft drink that allegedly has 23 flavors and is the best tasting liquid in the known universe, therefore no one should drink it but the wrothies who deserve it (ie Jake Flint).
Did you see Jake Flint yestarday drinking that Diet Dr. Pepper, man that guy has great taste.
by Jak Floot March 05, 2010
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