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Diesel sweeties is a webcomic. Based around clango, The robot. And a group of supporting characters.

Maura: is/was clango's girlfriend. She use to work in porn but has retired in her late twenties.

Indie Rock Pete: Claims to be indie. He likes all kinds of music until they "Sell out" or "have a hit". Considered a poseur in some respects.

Metal Steve: Is truly metal. Has a mullet and wears his ever-so-metal black skull t-shirt. Is still a virgin, and is saving himself until he is married.

Lil Sis: Is maura's little sister. She can be mean but she is smarter then people realize.

Electron Mike- Is totally anal about everything. Like everything new, and having to do with the future

These are just some of the major characters
"What, some Bee Gees singles and a Hootie and the Blowfish album? i bet this is a meth lab!"
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 01, 2005
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