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An unusually large foopa on a women that is very obese.
(Woofus and Tubbsy are standing in-line at the Taco Bell in Wareham)

Woofus: "Ew dude, that chick that's behind the counter is sportin' a Diese Foopa!"

Tubbsy: "Hahahaha dude, that's so gross."

Woofus: "I know right. Shit."
by Woofus March 15, 2006
Regarding to one's excessive amount of fat or skin on and around the pelvic area that makes you look like your pregnant. Diese Foopa mostly shows up on women and men over like 400 lbs.
aaron: "Hey man!" "Did you see that chick just walked by?"
tubbsy: "naw mayne, who?"
aaron: "right there!!"
tubbsy: "eww man, shes got DIESE foopa!"
by Xdouble aX February 20, 2006
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