A book of many words; not to be read as a regular book of leisure, poses much fun if used for this though. especially when you get to the prefixes and suffixes. YEH!
Aardvark, aardwolf and aaron went on a walk on Ab to the abaca tree. they were taken aback by the giant abacus in front of them, they looked abaft to the abalone in the sea, then they abandoned ship. and i abate them all
by wonderboy March 30, 2005
a large heavy book containing definitons of over 1000 words, often used to cause oneself harm during gym class.
"i hate my basketball team so much that i just wanna beat myself with a dictionary."
by EC. March 30, 2009
Your an asshole
are you seriously this stupid to look up dictionary in a dictionary
by butterbuiscet March 29, 2009
Your an idiot. Get a life
I looked up the word dictionary in my dictionary and it said "Get a life"
by MISS DICTIONARY October 25, 2008
Not for the illiterate...
Its called reading you group letters and words together to form sentences. May cause headaches, take asprin...
by OmnipotentSeal June 14, 2003
large book, not meant to be read entirely, but to looks up certain information, or just laugh at funny words
-this book lacks a good storyline
*dude you're reading a dictionary
by redharvest August 01, 2011
You're holding it, you moron. See MORON.
He looked up "dictionary" in a dictionary, so I assumed he was a moron.
by Noble Webster February 05, 2010
You're an asshole.
-Demetri Martin is a genious and this was his joke about a dictionary.
by ilovedemetrimartin March 30, 2009
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