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N. One who thinks he's god, but really is on a computer hub ego trip. nelsonbt
Brass is ruled by a dicktator.
by JoMama February 08, 2003
One who, while recieving head, forces their partner's head up and down their shaft.
Girl 1: How was your hook-up last night?
Girl 2: It was going well, but then I went down on him and he's a total dicktator!
Girl 1: Oh snap, thats so demeaning!
by theopressed11 July 19, 2009
controlling jerk, usually is abusive, as well, but not always. also thinks he can control everyone in sight. stereotypical Evil Ex. A dickhead, basically.
girl: owwwwww! my boyfriend hit me again!
friend: agh! dump his ass!
girl: but i love him!
friend: he's a dicktator! get rid of him!
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
a person who drills a hole in a potato puts the potato on his dick with a paper bag on his head and runs in the direction the dicktator points
he was a dicktator for halloween.
by deacon012005 June 14, 2007
A dick-tator is a person who has a deluded sense of self worth. Usually inflicts emotional abuse upon others because of his small penis complex.

How to Identify a dick-tator-
•Extremely unattractive
•Hoards blackmail material and/or possessions of others to manipulate
•Small penis
•Deluded sense of wealth

If not treated, severe skin diseases and/or a a mental breakdown could occur. Although there are many treatments out there, the most common and effective treatment is to remove ones head from his ass. If symptoms persist. Lethal action must be taken.
Said dick-tator: Wow, I'm so sexy, rich and fabulous, rub my nipples.

Victim: No, please I might vomit...

Said dick-tator: If you dont I shall use my large wad of monopoly money to ruin your life.

Victim: I wish he wouldn't dick-tate my life.
by thisismyhahaha January 02, 2014
A Dicktator is a penis shaped potato. usually this potato is abnormally long and resembles the male anatomy.
Haha look at that potato!! it looks like a dick
yeah i know its a Dicktator
by Openyourminthole March 09, 2012
Dominating a women in the bedroom
I came 5 times, who is the dicktator
by BLKSHP February 19, 2011
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