Top Definition
1. A tool, douchebag, or all around loser who is lacking friends and/or social skills.

2. One who charges rent in Monopoly.

3. A male who literally smacks either his dick, or another's dick, in frequent excess. Can also apply to a female.
Guy with the properties: Hey, you owe me X Dollars.
Me: fine, take it, ya dicksmacker.


"Hey look! Isn't that the guy that got punched in the face yesterday?"

"Yeah, he is a level 1 dicksmacker."
by Skye Guy May 24, 2009
A female known for her excessive giving of oral sex to random or known males.
Man shawty right there is a Dick Smacker she did the team.
by Devon Thomass December 05, 2007
an event, party,or social gathering where there is primarily or all males.
Rob: Hey man I was thinking about stopping by your party. Is there a lot of girls there?

James: It's just a bunch of dudes right now.

Rob: Ah sounds like a real dick smacker
by ROBICON April 29, 2010

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