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Similiar to a picnic although after the peanut butter sandwiches and capri sun's, you spread out a blanket and have some hot rabid sex for several hours.
Me: Hey let's go on a picnic.
George: I do love a good picnic. But wouldn't that be kind of gay with only two guys?
Me: Not at all. I'll get some girls to come and fuck in the grass.
by Frenchee French March 05, 2009
(n.) The act of taking that special lady (or man) you like out on a sunny afternoon with a basket of delectable treats, a bottle of red wine of moderate vintage, and of course the key ingredient: your dick. Which you will then proceed to give them rapturously and passionately for the remainder of the afternoon and/or evening.
GUY 1: Hey man, I heard you were talking to that new girl. Are you two doing anything this weekend?

GUY 2: Yeah dude, I'm gonna take that bitch to the park for a dick-nic.

GUY 1 and GUY 2: *High-Five*
by themilkchugger October 18, 2011
When you take a girl on a picnic with the intent of slinging the dick.
I took this girl on a picnic and all I packed was the "D". We had us a dicknic!
by iamcoppo November 09, 2014
(n.) A social event that only incorporates guys, usually at lunch or other similar events.
Me, Carl, Bill, and Dale went to lunch yesterday. I had to leave early because it was too much of a dicknic
by Tshipee May 08, 2011
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