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Similiar to a picnic although after the peanut butter sandwiches and capri sun's, you spread out a blanket and have some hot rabid sex for several hours.
Me: Hey let's go on a picnic.
George: I do love a good picnic. But wouldn't that be kind of gay with only two guys?
Me: Not at all. I'll get some girls to come and fuck in the grass.
by Frenchee French March 05, 2009
20 3
(n.) The act of taking that special lady (or man) you like out on a sunny afternoon with a basket of delectable treats, a bottle of red wine of moderate vintage, and of course the key ingredient: your dick. Which you will then proceed to give them rapturously and passionately for the remainder of the afternoon and/or evening.
GUY 1: Hey man, I heard you were talking to that new girl. Are you two doing anything this weekend?

GUY 2: Yeah dude, I'm gonna take that bitch to the park for a dick-nic.

GUY 1 and GUY 2: *High-Five*
by themilkchugger October 18, 2011
10 1
(n.) A social event that only incorporates guys, usually at lunch or other similar events.
Me, Carl, Bill, and Dale went to lunch yesterday. I had to leave early because it was too much of a dicknic
by Tshipee May 08, 2011
2 1