one who has a small penis
or baby penis

a baby duck is small so it is a duckling
a baby penis is small so it is a dickling
what an ugly dickling in your ugly goodwill pants
by Monkey Man April 07, 2003
Top Definition
1. A penis before circumcision
2. A smaller than average penis (flaccid and/or erect)
Dr. Pepper: Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pibb, it's a boy!
Mr. Pibb: Thank God... now circumcise his dickling!

by stp523 December 06, 2008
a little dick size of a 2 year olds pinky
when i jackoff i need to use tweezers because my dickling is so small
by JO MAMA November 11, 2003
The insignificant companions of a dickhead.
Hey Chachi, why don't you and your dicklings get the fuck out of here.
by Frisky J October 30, 2014
When extremely drunk, the process of getting ones penis out and tickling someones arm with it.
Charlie... are you dickling me? OH DUDE PUT IT AWAY!!!
by maskerade March 17, 2011
A fledgling penis
Be sure to feed and water your dickling everyday, or it will not grow.
by Sooperdooperpooperscooper October 09, 2014
A small, delicate, dainty chair. Usually painted with pastel colors. Typically used for tea or garden parties by the wealthy.
"Darling, go fetch the porcelain dickling set! The neighbors are coming for tea."
by JustFizzy May 29, 2012
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