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The act of inserting your penis into an electrical outlet due to sexual frustration or strong influence of alcohol. Or a rather comical suicide. Hell, I'D find it funny.
"So what'd you do this weekend, Bill?"

"Well yesterday I know, jacked in."

"Oh God, so you watched the damn Matrix series and now you think you're Neo or something?"

"...Uh, yeah, totally what I did. Not getting Dickjacked, certainly not."
by Fugameelugga October 16, 2005
To interrupt a male with conversation while he is at the urinal.
I was taking a leak and Dave wanted to talk about the Thompson account.

Man, you were dick-jacked.
by mr.ben August 07, 2006
The act of another woman taking over a conversation you were having with an attractive male.
Example: Man, i so just got dickjacked. Dayum bitch took my man -_-
by SunnySmiles November 04, 2013
To be purposely sabotaged or taken advantage of by the powers that be.
Even though the band Trucker played with Weezer and Arcade Fire their local radio station won't play them because they don't wear girl jeans.

It's obvious they are getting dickjacked.

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