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The stomach on a man that so big it sticks out further than his erect penis
how can he pee with that big ass dickiedoo
by Toi October 27, 2006
12 5
the excess fat on a man that hangs over his penis; see Mike Chiu
Mike Chiu is America's dickie-doo.
by The Blaze November 11, 2007
2 6
The Dickie Doos is a rare species resembling a character named the Wart from the movie ''The Sword and The Stone''. They often scavenge for food, marijuana, and transportation. The Dickie Doos can be found in areas near Northern Nevada as is often a timid creature. The term 'doos' in South Africa means a cunt or pussy.
Donovan you are such a Dickie Doos!
by c8linfab March 24, 2007
0 4
When your stomach hangs over like MZZ HOLLY'S.
I tried to eat holly out but I had to lift up her dickie doo!
by Saaliha February 11, 2005
14 29
A slang term for the dick..
Kill Bill - "SUCK MY DICKIE DOO!!!"
by Segallskies December 21, 2006
7 30