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One who constantly hosts cock in his ass.
Jess: Mario how can I please you tonight?

Mario: Bend over and I will make your ass bleed, vato!

Jess: Oh Mario, I will always be your Dickhouse!
by Thor The God of Vaginal Noise November 07, 2004
to insert your penis into anyone or anything, thereby making it a place where your penis can live comfortably for long periods of time.
Shut the fuck up, Cliff, before I make your mouth my dick house
by Jeff Bentz August 09, 2004
1. Using another persons oraface as a means to place your penis in for long periods of time or 2. A place where the vast majority of people will be males i.e. prisons, fraternities,etc.
"shut up Cliff before I make your mouth my dickhouse."
by Jeff E.B.B. April 24, 2006
Another term for a slut, whore, or a hussy. Pretty much self explanatory.
That girl is such a dickhouse. She's doing a new guy every week.
by tracycodeine January 03, 2007
An offensively irritating person.
Smally just won't shut up about Fleetwood Mac. What a dick house!
by cocerned_citizen August 02, 2006
One who is like an asshole but takes it to another level of carnage
God Damn it alan, your such a dickhouse
by Ben G. April 05, 2003

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