person who understnds nothing that is said to them
eddie is such a dick fuck!
by bubbasaywhat August 01, 2008
Someone who is ignorant and stupid. No longer welcome at gatherings or events.
Hey Tina, you hanging out with that kid ramone? That kids a fucking dick fuck.
by Kelly P., Crystal A. December 24, 2008
A way of sex by shoving small items down a man's pee pee hole.
Guy 1: "I was dick fucked so hard!"
Guy 2: "Holy shit! What did they put down your penis this time?"
Guy 1: "His penis!"
Guy 2: "that's nasty.."
by Burger King Whore January 22, 2012
1.Another word for gay
1.Your a dick-fuck!
by Upindasky October 17, 2009
A type of defencive tower in games that fire lasers at your paratroopers; especially prism towers from command and conquer red alert two.
"What?! That god damm dick fuck just zapped all my fucking paratroopers!"
by TomatoCzar May 08, 2008
Something that looks like shit or anything that looks bad. This saying is used in many places such as school, art class, and in everyones everyday conversations.
"Man, that painting looks like dickfuck.", "Dont dip your elbow in that dickfuck."
by Nicholas Glenn Ramirez December 24, 2007

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