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No real meaning... just a nasty sounding name to call someone when you're really pissed off at him. A word to be blurted out in anger, just like son of a bitch, cocksucker or asshole.
"Shut the fuck up, dickfucker!"
"That dickfucker needs a good swift boot in the ass!"
#asshole #asswipe #dick #cocksucker #prick #son of a bitch
by twtbc April 21, 2010
A police officer.

Variation of 'pig'.

Singular: strip of bacon, pig, oinker

Plural: bacon, pork, pigs, oinkers
Watch out! There's a strip of bacon up ahead with a radar gun and he'll write you a speeding ticket if you don't slow down.
#cop #copper #fuzz #pig #flatfoot
by twtbc April 30, 2010
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