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The ultimate insult. It is used for a person that causes complete disgust. It parallels a diseased penis. It can be used for either gender because the it is not referring to the dick itself, but rather the drip caused by the diseased penis.
Person 1; "You are an offense to humanity, to civilization, to everything that is wholesome."
Person 2; "That may be true, but you are nothing but a dickdrip."
by sexmykeyboard January 01, 2010

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1.that last bit of urine or sperm caught in your pants.
2. Someone who reminds you of a wasted drop of urine.
OMG! Chris is such a dick drip.
by Keith Harrell-Steward June 20, 2005
ejactulation from a mans penis, can be used to insult someone
shut up dick drip or your such a dick drip
by ChiiQ June 20, 2006