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The ultimate insult. It is used for a person that causes complete disgust. It parallels a diseased penis. It can be used for either gender because the it is not referring to the dick itself, but rather the drip caused by the diseased penis.
Person 1; "You are an offense to humanity, to civilization, to everything that is wholesome."
Person 2; "That may be true, but you are nothing but a dickdrip."
by sexmykeyboard January 01, 2010
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1.that last bit of urine or sperm caught in your pants.
2. Someone who reminds you of a wasted drop of urine.
OMG! Chris is such a dick drip.
by Keith Harrell-Steward June 20, 2005
ejactulation from a mans penis, can be used to insult someone
shut up dick drip or your such a dick drip
by ChiiQ June 20, 2006
When you don't fully finish taking a pee, and you walk of and around 5 seconds later your penis drips warm pee into your underwear. Dick Drip can also be used as an amazing insult.
"Gotta get to work, need to finish peeing quickly. Done! Oh damn, I've got dick drip!"
by D-DayDoesStuff October 09, 2014

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