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A man who thinks with his penis instead of his brain. In other words, his actions aren't rational and decisions are totally driven by getting laid.
He has been paying his girlfriend's cable bill so he has an excuse to go over there and spend time with her in hopes of getting laid.. What a dickbrain.
by metriccar August 12, 2012
A Man who has a Dick for a brain and thinks with his dick
A guy who thinks with his dick and cheats on his girlfriends then thinks about his actions later in life this makes him a Dick brain
by God is here January 17, 2012
The term used when a girl is so preoccupied with a crush she has on a boy that she is unable to function to any normal capacity.
Love, I have no appetite at the moment because I've got dick brain for Brad.
by rayclarko November 12, 2011
A cop who gives you a ticket when he does'nt necessarily have to... or any authorative person that gets off on his or her power.
I told the cop I didn't do anything, arrest me dick brain, so he did.
by jimppanzee April 02, 2007
a word that is used on An Officer and a Gentleman instead of saying fuck or sumother word
U r a dick brain!!
by Jess April 05, 2004
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