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1. When an object, usually furniture is located at the perfect altitude, so that the male sexual partner can simply stand in front of the object and still maintain coitus. Doggystyle on any object can usually provide sufficient dick-height if the two sexual partners are close in height.

2. The location at which the penis starts on one's body
HIGH Dick-height: Dick is closer to sternum than knees.
LOW Dick-height Dick is closer to knees than sternum.
Ex. 1
Craig: Nigga erthang in ha house was Dick-height, we fucked on the counters, tables and her bed and I was standing up the entire time nigga.
Dayvon: Damn nigga, nothing in mah bitch house is dick-height, I usually have to niggacrouch or grab the old stool nigga.
Craig: Dayvon nigga, don't you know everything is dick height with doggystyle.
Dayvon: I know nigga, but my girlfriend is too short nigga, I still have to niggacrouch to hit that shit
Craig: Damn that sucks mah nigga

Ex 2
Dayvon: aye nigga I hate that I have high dick height, I can't do sit ups, without slapping myself in the face with mah dick
Craig: Dayum mah nigga I have low dick height, my shit be scraping the carpet everytime I look under the couch for change.
by That nigga nigga nigga nigga September 16, 2013
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