Top Definition
A girl who has sex for her pleasure, not for the mans pleasure. Someone who persuses men.
Girl: She's not a slut, she's just a dick digger. Women have needs ya know.
by Chellllllllllls September 13, 2009
A woman or man who uses men for sex without wanting a relationship, the way a golddigger uses lovers for money.

A woman or man who demeans men by only relating to them sexually.
I couldn't figure out what Molly saw in Nathan until I realized she's just a dick digger.
by JavaJaneOhio July 19, 2010
Sunglasses sufficiently mirrored or shaded to enable the wearer to check out mens' packages without being noticed. The wang-watching version of chick diggers.
Person 1: Nice dick diggers.
Person 2: Nice package.
by Spazmax February 07, 2010
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