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The act of masturbating and ejeculating all over your shlong and letting the semen dry. then u walk around with a crusty ass wiener
Some Dude: Yo I fell asleep after jerkin' my shit and fell asleep. I woke up with a dick sickle.

Another Dude: Yeah I Did that last weekend
by Anita Bonya December 30, 2008
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A literal icicle, formed on the end of a male's genitalia. A very unpleasant occurrence, that is brought on primarily by exposure to extreme cold.

Most commonly seen in Canada, where a combination of severely cold, dry air and other factors make this a detrimental condition to natives.
After hunting moose for several hours, I realized that quite a large dicksickle had formed.
by Canada, eh?? December 14, 2010
Can either be an insult or a term that discribes a cold man's dick. Ment to be offensive and is usually used when a pesrson is being an ass,ect.
The girl thought the boy was a dicksickle for being such a prick to her.
by Lizzie February 27, 2003

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